Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apache Derby + Eclipse integration

How to Integrate Apache Derby in Eclipse.
  1. Download the latest official release of Derby from http://db.apache.org/derby/derby_downloads.html. Now it is Get the files:
  2. Unzip The contents of the files. Choose a folder to store you libraries. I use ~/lib, but you can use whatever you want. Uncompress the files in separate folders. Both the files "derby_core_plugin" and "derby_ui_doc_plugin" create a folder named "plugins".
  3. Add the plugins to Eclipse. For this copy the "plugins" folders to your eclipse plugins directory. In my case it is "/usr/lib/eclipse/plugins" but it might be anything in your system. It is always ECLIPSE_DIR/plugins. You can either copy your uncompressed "plugins" folder to you ECLIPSE_DIR/ and merge the folders or copy the contents of your uncompressed "plugins" folder into your ECLIPSE_DIR/plugins folder. In both cases the result is that you get in your plugins folder the two following folders:
    • org.apache.derby.core_10.8.2
    • org.apache.derby.plugin.doc_1.1.2
    • org.apache.derby.ui_1.1.2
  4. Start or restart your Eclipse.

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